Friday, April 22, 2011


I am not completely sure how to get this post out, I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately and I just need to attempt at writing down my thoughts.

You know how some times, life can be moving along swimmingly? Things are clicking, you've got direction, security, you're just plain happy. Then a valley hits.

I am so in the middle of a valley right now.

It just feels that a lot of things have gone "wrong" for us in the past couple of weeks, making it hard to celebrate the good. There is good, it has been over-shadowed by gloominess, and loss of direction. I am exhausted, and overwhelmed, and just plain tired.

(really, I am sure my blood pressure is through the roof because I am in a constant state of stress).

We've been in valley's before. God has always directed us through them, sometimes when I look back I think about how "stuck" I thought we were and I smile at how we came out. I thank God every day for where he's brought us, but it's still a faith tester and a faith builder.

Tonight I watched "Girls Night Out." It was some country music special on TV, and since I have nothing else to do on a gloomy, rainy, cold Friday night I watched it. I love country music, so it really was fun for me to watch. Anyway, towards the end of the show Carrie came up onstage, with all her class, and sang How Great Thou Art. It was beautiful and a great reminder that I am not in charge, there is Someone much greater who is.

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seanna said...

Oh girl...we are SO there right now, too. It truly is a discipline to remind yourself exactly what you said - that He is in charge and knows better than you what you need! But I said the same thing to Brad the other day - "Did we do something wrong lately??" Things are just hard right now (biggest being that the transmission in my car went out this week). But, we will get through and we always remind ourself, "It's just a car" or "It's just money". That helps us a lot. Hope things look up for you!