Monday, July 11, 2011

Everything coming together.

I guess I can officially spill the beans. I got a new job! Yep, that's the BIG news. Sorry it isn't more exciting for everyone, but it is VERY exciting for me!

I'll be working for Target Corp.

Let's start at the beginning...

It was nearing the end of March and I was eagerly awaiting the end of busy season, a hefty job offer, and starting the CPA exams. Mike and I also had saved up a good chunk of money for a down payment on a house and we started looking.

Of course we found one. Although it was a short sale. We figured that was okay because we really liked the house and decided we were willing to wait. I am not sure how the short sale process works in each state, but in Minnesota, you and the seller sign a purchase agreement and then it goes to the bank for approval. The seller only signs one PA, so if you aren't the first offer they sign, you're considered a back up offer. We wanted to be first. We signed the PA on April 1st.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Busy season is over and I am heading into my exit interview. I did not get an offer. No one did. We got the "we aren't sure what our fall staffing needs are in this economy. We will be waiting to present offers at the end of the summer. If you were to be given an offer you would start in January 2012, not this fall." Honestly, I wasn't completely depressed about it. I mean working 65 hours a week for a few months is crappy. But I still wanted the security of knowing I had a job! Plus, we had that signed PA on a house that we really wanted...

On that SAME DAY that I didn't get the offer, Jamba Juice franchised the Minneapolis stores. This was something we knew was coming, but didn't know what the effects would be until it actually happened. My biggest fear was that we wouldn't have health insurance. When we found out they were offering insurance we were thrilled. Until we found out that for an entire family, it was going to be $700 per paycheck. We just about had a heart attack and decided to drop it. We also made to much to qualify for state insurance, so we were stuck.

So I started job-hunting. Have you tried looking for a job as an entry-level professional in this economy? My goodness it's rough! Plus I was/am picky. I turned down a few lower paying jobs, but at the end of the day couldn't find anything I needed. Then, at the beginning of June our realtor called us and said the bank wanted to close on the house June 30. This sucked. We went ahead and got all the paperwork together on our end and just waited for written confirmation from the 2nd and 3rd mortgages. We waited, and waited, and waited some more. We are still waiting. So the June 30th close date never happened.

Also happening during June was interviews! I finally quit applying to so many places and decided to just focus on studying. I was contacted by the MN Department of Revenue as well as Target. I went through the interview process with both. The Revenue job was on hold since a government shut-down was a possibility (and subsequently happened...and is happening). So that left the Target job, which might as well be like interviewing at Microsoft or Google. Every stage of the interview I thought I had failed. But I kept getting pushed through round after round. It was the most stressful 3 weeks of my life! Finally on June 30th they called and gave me an offer! I was/am thrilled. This means 40 hour work weeks, benefits, NO BUSY SEASON, and tons and tons of opportunity. Plus, 10% discount on everything! Oh, and Target pays well! They are matching what I would have been making at the firm! It also means that as we keep waiting for the house, we can keep on saving and building up our savings account in order to have more to work with once we move in.

Also, ironically the day after I accepted the offer I got my student loan statement in the mail. For the first time it hit me. I have a lot of student loans (that I am confident I can pay off in the next 18 months), I don't have the option of working right now. I realized that I gave up the option to stay at home in April of 2009 when I went back to school and took out loans. The Lord knew what he was doing, giving me that offer just before I got that final statement in the mail!

Finally, Mike is leaving Jamba Juice. He also interviewed during June and accepted an offer to manage at a co-op. I'm excited that he'll be working more closely with food, which is his passion, especially natural and organic food.

So, things are finally coming together. It was a rough couple of months for us with all of the unknowns. We were definitely stretched faith-wise. I learned so much about the faithfulness and the goodness of God. He really does have everything ordained for us, and I am learning to trust His timing above mine. He is the reason everything is working out for us. Believe me, I did not get this job on my own!

So, now I will take some time to drink my lemonade. Everything feels like it is clicking for us right now and I am going to drink it up. Because the good times, just like the bad times, come and go. I may as well enjoy them while they are here!


Catherine Kousma Photography said...

Congratulations! That's amazing news :)

Bri said...

Such wonderful news Annie. We are rejoicing with all of you! Hip Hip Hooray!