Friday, July 22, 2011

week one down!

Well, our "Staycation" Miles got pink eye from the Children's Museum. We spent Saturday running him to Target Clinic, and Sunday Mike and I were stressing about Monday. Fail.


First week at Target HG is over! What a relief. It's always nice to have that first week over. To be honest, I didn't do much, except drink a lot of water...let me explain.

Target has it's own culture. Like it's VERY OWN culture. First, they are VERY into well-being. That's where the water comes in. We are all given these 32oz Target water bottles, and shown the water stations. Which are everywhere. Drink up!

The next thing that is interesting is the cafe. All of the campus locations have their own Target Cafe, but this isn't your typical cafe food. First, part of the cafe is like walking through the produce/deli section at Target. All of the Archer Farms products you can think of. The other part is like high end cafeteria food. Labeled in categories such as: Vegetarian; Vegan; Fresh from the Farm: Well Balanced; and Low Carb.

Speaking of things at headquarters. Target also has a bank, clinic, Starbucks, post office, merchandise store, printing place (think kinkos), dry cleaning, and Wells Fargo ATM's at their HQ location. It's literally a city in a building.

Of course all of that is nice and great perks, but you sacrifice not knowing everyone. I've always worked in offices where every face has a name, so this will be a little strange, but overall I will like it!

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