Friday, July 1, 2011


Remember my post about wanting June to be over?

Well it is, and I have some happy things to report in the next week! Sorry to make people wait, but you'll just have to!

Anyway, on this first day of July there are a few interesting things going on in Minnesota, namely the government shut down. No one can come to an agreement and it's becoming a blame game. Unfortunately now all the State Parks, rest areas, and DMV's are closed. Perfect right before the 4th of July weekend. Also 36,000 people are without jobs, and those same people, plus many more in the state, are also without health care. I heard on the radio this morning that everyone with state funded heathcare will be turned away for treatment unless it is life threatening. It's really sad.

It's also almost 100 degrees out. I swear, here in MN we get the craziest weather extremes! Where else in the country can it be -40 and 6 months later be 100? Not many places. Although this heat sucks and I would DIE without AC, I can't say I totally mind it. I mean, I would much rather deal with 100 degrees than dealing with freezing cold and icy snowy roads!

Mike's brother and his wife and their 3 kids are moving to Australia on Sunday, so they are up here right now. My parents are coming up tomorrow to celebrate my birthday, my birthday is on the 4th, I take my first section of the CPA exam on the 6th, and Mike's little brother is getting married on the 8th. So between finding time to spend with all these people, I am trying desperately to study, and keep my house clean. It is good! BUT CRAZY.

So now I am off to create a spreadsheet to see how quickly I can pay off my student loans. I'll study some more, and then go shopping for a new dress for the wedding next week! Happy Friday!

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