Friday, July 15, 2011

Staycation...sort of.

At the current moment, Mike and I are both unemployed. Which actually is super cool because it will only last until Monday. Plus, this is the first weekend in over 3 years, that he has off AND he won't be getting calls from Jamba Juice (even when he wasn't working he was ALWAYS getting called). Plus its going to be 95 degrees out, so if he were working, he would be working FOREVER.

We wanted to go somewhere or do something, but we were out of town last weekend, my parents just had the kids for a week, and we don't want to spend much money. So staycation it is!

Today we were going to start by meeting some friends at the lake, but as of right now it's dark and stormy out...hopefully that clears up soon. Then we were going to go to the zoo. The Como Zoo, which is free, but also sort of sad, but yeah, free.

Tomorrow I think we are going to hit up the Children's Museum in St. Paul. I've only been once, when I was a kid, and I distinctly remember it. I LOVED IT. I know the kids will adore it. I also want to hit up Teddy Bear park in Stillwater, so hopefully we can do that too.

Otherwise we are going to be doing the regulars...laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping. Basically getting everything ready for our "first days of work" I hope I can remember to take a photo of us, I mean how many couples start new jobs on the same day??!

I'll maybe surprise you by bringing my camera and posting pictures? Wouldn't that be a shocker!

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