Monday, September 12, 2011

Vacation Needed

Some days (today for example), I feel like I have been moving for the past 5 years. Not moving, like packing and moving to a new house (Although this is the NINTH time since we've been married, so that too), but moving like go, go, go, go. Never stopping. I need a vacation!! I remember when we got married and our young, naive, selves talked about taking a big vacation somewhere on our 5 year anniversary. Well, then reality sets in and kids join the family, and those big vacation dreams never happened.

Maybe at 10 years...

I mean the last time we stayed at a hotel was (hold your breath...) when Lacey was 4 months old.


Well, between stress of exams, stress of buying a house, and stress of this general thing called life I have been dreaming of a vacation. Today, let's visit the South Seas...Let's go to Bora Bora.

Do you even know where Bora Bora is? I didn't. I could pretend I was smart and say it was a tropical island...which it obviously is, but I couldn't tell you where. So I had to google map it.

It's South of Hawaii. A tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between Australia and South America, and like I said, South of Hawaii.

It may take hours to get there, but I still want to go...

Um, hello relaxation. This is amazing. It looks so quiet and peaceful. And beautiful. And Warm. And Fantastic.

A Plunge Pool (an infinity pool ON your bungalow ON the water).

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Ashley said...

oh man, i feel your pain! we had big plans to go back to jamaica (where we went on our honeymoon) for our 5 year this month... not happening. :(