Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Move: Part 1

Well, we said a loving goodbye to 4919 Chicago Avenue, our home of 23 months, and begin part one of The Move. (I can't remember if I ever laid out the timeline, but basically we had a renter that needed to move in September 19th, but we can't close until September 26th. I have a friend who is vacationing in Hawaii for 2 weeks so we are cat sitting and enjoying staying at her townhouse)!

Last weekend was filled with chaos as you can imagine. Moving is always tough, you have those things that you need to use until the last minute, but then packing them always takes more space, than you plan for. Lacey peed the bed that night (seriously, it was her second time ever...great timing), so I was doing final loads of laundry in the middle of the night.

The Good:

1) We had the best. landlord. ever. at that place and he gave us our deposit and half of the September rent we paid before we were even out. No waiting time on that!

2) The kids are sharing a bed this week and so far, after 2 nights, it's going great! The first night after about 2 minutes Lacey called me in to the room and asked me "Mom, can you please find another room for Miles, I can't handle his noise." Little does she know, she is the noisy one and he falls fast asleep.

3) We have our own space here at the townhouse. We get up around 5:00 (Mike and I) and I can't imagine disrupting someone that early!

4) Our friends' townhouse has a great TV Cable/Netflix/Movie set up. Not what we are used to at all (we only have TV for movies, no channels), so we are feeling spoiled.

The Not so Good:

1) Didn't get any time at all to study last weekend. Totally not ideal when it comes this close to Exam Day.

2) Our commute is hideous. I leave the house by 6:30 am. Talked my boss into letting me off at 3:30 this week. I am probably commuting 2.5 hours a day (hour in the morning, 1.5 hours at night). Kids are troopers.

3) The cat that we are sitting is scared of the kids. I think she'll warm up to them, but I guess I don't blame her when they RUN up to her!

4)We can't pick out paint colors. We are too indecisive!!! Argh!

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