Saturday, September 24, 2011

OCD and such.

Last week we had our monthly team meeting. We always have some sort of ice-breaker when we begin, and this last week it was “Tell us one of your OCD tendencies.” Now, being we are in a room full of accountants this is absolutely hilarious, because we are all very TYPE A (this should really stand for type anal). One of the team members’ wife also works at Target so he pinged her to see what she had to say right before the meeting. So, I thought it would be interesting to see what Mike had to say about my OCD tendencies, since he knows me better than anyone.

So here were my OCD things I shared at the meeting:

1) I only use yellow highlighters, unless absolutely necessary. Mixing highlighter colors on the same page majorly stresses me out.

2) I only write with .5 mm ball point pens (“fine tip”), unless absolutely necessary, meaning I’ve dug through everything and can’t find anything else.

3) Obsessive list maker. These are the current lists sitting on my desk that I’ve made in the last day:

a. Morning Kids Checklist (basically everything I need for daycare)

b. To Do: Work (what I am going to do at work)

c. To Do: House (what I need to do for moving…pick out paint, set up gas/electric etc.)

d. To Do: Closing (what we need to bring to closing)

e. To Do: Study (a day-by-day breakdown of when I will be studying over the next 3 months)

f. To Do: Multiple Choice Questions (breakdown of MCQ categories I need to do before my exam).

g. Grocery List

4) Scheduling. Everything happens within the same few minutes of each other every day (like getting up and getting out the door in the morning, I am obsessive about running on a schedule).

So then that night I went home and decided to ask Mike what he thought my OCD items were. I was pretty excited since I was SURE he’d say at least one of the things listed above. I ask him and he’s thinking about it and you know what he says?

You do too much homework.

How is that OCD? Isn’t that just my life right now?

Ha. Maybe I’m not as annoying as I thought. Or maybe he’s just used to me…

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