Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Move: Part 3

Monday (a.k.a. the day we became homeowners).

Monday started bright and early (as does every day). We had cleaning to do, packing to do, errands to run, and Starbucks venues to sit in. We got up early, Mike went on a quick run while I packed and cleaned (what a good wife). We left the townhouse around 7:15, and ventured over to Starbucks where we relaxed over pike’s place and a pumpkin scone (me), and iced espresso and pumpkin bread (mike). By 8:00, my achy and feverish self was strolling into Lowes, to return/exchange some painting supplies and take a quick gander at the fridges. From there we went to Sherwin Williams and picked up over $600 worth of paint (sounds like a mild heart attack, but we budgeted $1000 for everything, so we were happy). By then in was 9:00 and we were off to closing.

I called every single utility necessary on the way over to closing and got water, sewer, garbage, electricity, and gas all set up. (Working Mom tip: triple task everything).

Closing went off without a hitch. Everyone says there’s a million papers to sign, but I thought there were hardly any. It seemed like there were more when we were applying for the loan. The sellers showed up at closing, which I guess is rare for short sales, but it was nice to be able to ask them questions. Everyone ranted and raved about our interest rate, we hung out with our realtor for about a half hour afterwards and we were done!

Officially homeowners.

Went and got our already loaded up truck and drove to the house. We just moved everything into the garage, (thanks for your help). Then the annoying part sets in. We had to return the U-Haul truck by 4:37 pm (yes, that was our technical return time). We also had to pick up Mike’s car that he had left at work the day before, oh, and Comcast was coming from 4-6 pm. After they came we were going to grab something to eat and buy a fridge.

We left our house at 4, hoping and praying Comcast would be late like they usually are. We got gas in the U-Haul and on the way to get Mike’s car I called Comcast. They said the estimated arrival time of the Tech was 4:20…5 minutes from now. I freaked out. It figures the ONE TIME they are on time I want them to be late. So we decided I’d grab the car and run to meet the Comcast guy, and then Mike would deliver the U-Haul and wait for me to pick him up. Problem…when I got to the house there was no Comcast guy, and now when I called they said they didn’t have an ETA. Annoyed I waited around for a while, when I decided to go get Mike. On the way I see a Comcast van a few blocks away and I was on the phone with them. The guy on the phone said I was next up and it would literally be minutes until he was there. So I scurried back home. At 5:30 there still was no tech, so I called again, (at this point I have been waiting 90 minutes, and Mike is stranded at U-Haul), this time the guy on the phone said he left his last location 8 minutes ago. He should be there any minute. As 5:45 approaches with no tech, I am just hoping they’ll be late. They have until 6:00, or I get a $20 credit on my bill.

He showed up at 5:56. I am not kidding.

He was quick though and was out of there by 6:15. I told Mike to pick up Jimmy Johns which was close to where he was, and I’d meet him there. We got our food. It was delish (virtually only had that pumpkin scone up until now).

Now, a refrigerator. We needed something stainless to match the rest of the kitchen (I’m anal like that), and Mike was bound and determined to have glass shelves in the freezer. I wanted an ice/water dispenser. We didn’t want to spend much though. We initially went to the place that were delivering our washer/dryer. Two birds with one stone, but they didn’t have anything in our price range we liked. So we went to an appliance outlet that had rows and rows of fridges. We found a couple of nice ones but found out they couldn’t be delivered until the end of the week (!). So we ran across the street to Best Buy. We found an open item fridge, that met our requirements and was in our price range so we went with that one.

Then we went home and slept. Actually, we went home. I tried to dig out decently unwrinkled clothes for work, we went over the paint colors, and then we went to bed. It was a full day!

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