Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Move: Part 2


I should first point out that I was sick. Terrible cold, running a fever, and totally and completely congested. I guess I shouldn’t have packed all of my fall/winter clothes!

So, Mike worked Sunday, and my parents were coming to get the kids to take them for the week. Mom and Dad had been at a conference in Milwaukee that ended Saturday, they went part of the way Saturday and then finished the trip to Minneapolis Sunday morning. They ended up arriving at our temporary house around 8:30 am on Sunday, with a Caramel Highrise in hand (Bless you dad). This was much earlier than I expected them to arrive, but it was also super nice. I had so much cleaning and laundry to do that I welcomed the surprise! We hung out and loaded up and then they left with the kids around 9:30. I cleaned for about an hour, when I decided I needed to do some studying. I was picking up Mike from work at 3:00 and we were doing the final walk-through at 3:30, so I decided to head down to Burnsville and study down there. I am not really sure what the point of doing a final walk through was. These people could have scribbled all over the wall and stripped the copper and what were we going to do? Some random bank in CA (okay, I think Wells Fargo/Bank of America) owns the house!

I studied at Panera for a while, but it was packed and I felt guilty because everyone seemed to be glaring at me as they strolled by my table looking for a seat. It was not my fault that there weren’t any other places to sit! Even more so it was not my fault that I was taking up an entire table with my books. That’s just life. Then I went and browsed around Home Goods/TJ Maxx. They had a lot of nice d├ęcor items, but I wasn’t ready to buy anything. They also had Theory suits, which were tempting, but I passed as well.

I went and picked up Mike and we drove over to the house. Mike had also decided that we were going to pick up the U-Haul that evening- by 5:00, so we were in a bit of a hurry. We were waiting and waiting for our realtor to show up, he is rarely late and if he is, he always texts us. We gave him a call, and he had the wrong date on his calendar, seeing that he lives a good 45 minutes away, he wasn’t coming. He gave us the lockbox code and in we went. The house has 4 different levels, so we started in the lower level. I’m walking around, going upstairs, when I walk into the kitchen and there is NO FRIDGE. At this point Mike is going to the bathroom downstairs (seriously?) and realizes the water is turned off. So he turns it on and water starts spraying out of a hose in the kitchen. I’m yelling at him to turn it off, he’s 2 levels below me and completely confused.

So they took the fridge.

Everything else looked okay though.

We called our realtor and asked about the fridge and he was going to give a call to the listing agent. We had to move it up to St. Paul to get the U-Haul. We are both completely shocked that we suddenly have to buy a fridge. We were going through all the stages of grief…anger, denial, avoidance, acceptance…As if buying a house and moving isn’t expensive enough! Our realtor calls us back and says that it was written into the Purchase Agreement that they were keeping the fridge. This was MONTHS ago, and there was always some degree of confusion about appliances with this house, so it was our own fault for not writing that into the PA. Live and learn. Now we are just stressed because we need to find a fridge!

We went and got the U-Haul that night, brought it to our old house and loaded it up. Considering it was just Mike and I, no other help, we did well. We had it loaded up in just over 2 hours. Everything fit perfectly, we could not have put one more thing in the truck! We shut the door and Mike says, I wish we had a lock for this. A light bulb went off, We do! I ran to our car and grabbed a U-Haul lock out of the glove box of our car from WHEN WE MOVED TO SEATTLE. Random right? Mike also had the key to the lock on his key ring. DOUBLE RANDOM. Sometimes I wonder how things like that actually work out. We locked it up and left it in the driveway of the old house. We would come and pick it up after we closed on the house.

We headed home, ready for the big day ahead of us!

Some lessons learned so far.

1) Expect the unexpected. Something will inevitably go wrong. Take a deep breath, adjust, and move forward.

2) There is a reason Dave Ramsey says to have an emergency fund in place when you purchase a house. We have to buy a new fridge. It’s annoying, but other than that, it’s just another bump in the road, not a derailment.

3) Picking out paint colors for an entire house is expensive, and difficult

4) You should not move into a new house 1 week before taking a section of the CPA exam. I don’t have high hopes for this one.

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