Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deep Freeze

Many things bother me about where I live. I guess I just haven't gotten used to the way they do things around here.

However, lets all get one thing straight. When the windchill is -30, that is a "deep freeze." When you have to plug in your car (and if you know what plugging in your car means then you are one step ahead of most), that can be considered a "deep freeze." However, a high of 35 degrees can not and should not be considered a "deep freeze" because let's face it, it isn't even below freezing.

And yet out here in the 'ol state of Washington we are in the middle of a deep freeze. That is what the forecasters have decided to call it. Yes, you guessed it, the high today is 35. Ha. If it were 35 in Minneapolis right now, you would have loads of people running in shorts around Lake Calhoun because it is so warm out. I haven't seen a flake of snow in good 'ol Redmond, and yet all the schools in this entire county are closed today (???). I must say that since everyone is warned to stay put, the lack of traffic noise this morning did allow Lacey (and me) to get an extra 45 minutes of sleep.

To be perfectly honest, mike and i feel a little tougher than most. Do I dare say 'superior' in terms of the amount of cold we can handle?? Don't worry, I don't walk around telling people how "this is nothing compared to where I am from." I was put in my place when my neighbor told me that she went to buy chains for her car yesterday. My first thought (thankfully I kept it to myself) was "oh, to pull people out of the ditch who get stuck in the snow?" NO, silly me. Chains to wrap around your tires when you drive through the mountains. What?!? I thought only semi's had those and they were the only ones who pulled into those 'chain up' areas. Apparently not. I guess on some roads if you don't have chains you could get fined.

Hmmm, maybe if you don't know what plugging in your car is, you aren't so behind after all...


Rose said...

I know nothing of plugging, but I'm a Texas born, Florida girl!

Heidi said...

You are hilarious. : ) It is just like when I lived in California, no one knew how to drive in the rain, much less the snow.

Welcome to Washington...where we have an annual "storm watch" which could mean flooding and it could mean an inch of rain. We like to exaggerate over here. :)