Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Liquid Gold

What is it? Probably not what your thinking....

Unleaded Gasoline.

Here is how things typically go for us in Seattle. I hope I can paint a good picture for you!

We hop in the car at 3:00. We need to pick up milk for Lacey, drop of a DVD we rented, return some library books, and grab some gas (7.8 miles until empty). Since everything is within 5 blocks of everything else, we anticipated this to be about a 30 minute trip.

First stop, gas. Drive to the nearest gas station...OUT OF GAS. I have NEVER been to a gas station that was out of gas. Drive to the next nearest gas station...OUT OF GAS (5.3 miles until empty). Drive to the grocery store and return the DVD and go in to grab some milk. OUT OF ORGANIC MILK. What the heck? (they were out of eggs and cheese too...and slim pickings on the meat...weird). I dropped my basket and left. Get in the car. Drive to a third gas station (3.4 miles until empty). Finally get there...OUT OF GAS. No way! (1.4 miles until empty). Drive to the next suburb...Kirkland...stop at our 4th gas station...OUT OF GAS. Now we are starting to wonder if we will even be able to get gas (.4 miles until empty). Finally, at our 5th station we find 'liquid gold' and fill up. Then since we are all the way in kirkland and we still haven't returned the library books or gotten lacey milk we would just do that in kirkland. We have already been in the car for an hour. Go to the Kirkland Library (Redmond Library is closed for remodeling) so we figure we may as well go in and get lacey some new books. Nope. Closed due to weather (at this point we haven't seen snow come down for 2 days). Fine, whatever. Go to the grocery store nearby. Take Lacey out of the carseat. She leaked through her diaper. Go inside. Mike tries to find a bathroom to change her. NO BATHROOM! Doesn't matter...they are also OUT OF MILK (eggs, cheese, meat, you name it). Mike changes lacey in the car. Go to our THIRD grocery store. They actually have milk. Get back in the car. Get home. It is now 5:15 and we have been in the car for over 2 hours and have driven a total of about 8 miles.

Shoot me now.


Rose said...

You have too many frustrations in your life lately! That stinks! Although, being at an expensive condo all weekend in Orlando with a new annual pass, and a baby who is throwing up, was FRUSTRATING!

Carrie said...

How long have you been in this area? It isn't always like this. When it snows in one city the next city over could either get no snow or an absurd amount of snow. Washington state is a tough one when it comes to predicting weather. I am sorry that you are having such a tough go of it. I am sure if I were to live somewhere where there was snow all the time I would feel the same way, miserable. Those of us who are native to here know what to expecxt and therefore plan accordingly. Our trash hasn't been picked up in more than a week and it is usually picked up twice a week (apartment living). So we are having to deal with that and the difficulty of even getting out of our complex that fortunately for the kids, is a great sledding hill but unfortunately for those of us who need/want to leave makes it difficult. Hang in there, should all be gone in the next few days.