Saturday, December 6, 2008


1) I floss without fail. It's kind of become a game for me, and I would be extremely upset if I missed a day. I also rinse with ACT anti-cavity mouth wash per the dentist's recommendation. Pregnancy does a number on your teeth, I had to have 2 root canals and all my fillings replaced (read: all TEN of them) after Lacey was born. That is not happening again.

2) Math is BY FAR my favorite subject. I used to think that everyone loved math, until I grew up and realized most people hate it. I consider myself lucky. On the other hand I am a terrible speller.

3) It has been a lifetime goal (okay, maybe not lifetime, but you get the point), to run a sub 1:38 half marathon. Why sub 1:38? I have no clue. Having 2 kids in 2 years hasn't helped, but you can bet your bottom dollar that once this baby is out, I will be training hard, just as soon as I can. I am thinking that pushing a double jogging stroller may be the ticket. Ironically, I have never had any desire to run a marathon, but Mike would love it if I did.

4) There are 2 stores that I will never stop spending money at, no matter how broke I am. They are Starbucks and Target. Not only are both places completely relaxing, but they are both complete money suckers. I just love them both. On the other hand, I will gratefully never step foot in a Wal-Mart again if I don't have to.

5) I have a fear of flying. Yep, most people look at me like I'm crazy, but I always think that since someone's plane has to go down, nothing could stop it from being mine right? Especially if there hasn't been a crash in a while. I get nervous when friends and family fly as well.

6) I am anal about having a clean car. Thankfully, so is my husband. So far Lacey seems to have the same "clean" attitude seeing she will shriek "oh no, oh no" when a drop of something (water/milk/cereal) lands on the floor. It's quite traumatic for her, yes she is a drama queen.


Rose C said...

I love your randoms! We are alike in many ways. Except, while I love a clean car, mine sadly is not clean.

I have a lot of guilt about that.

But here I am, commenting on your blog instead.
You should be an actuary if you love math.

Michael said...

thought about it! I used to work with a bunch of actuaries, working on that accounting degree and then we shall see where that leads!