Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 Days

The way I see it, is this little one should arrive in 6 days. Why?

Well, I only have 6 prenatal vitamins left, and you can all be sure that I am not buying another bottle! Plus I will be past "full-term" status so the baby can come anytime.

But let's all be honest. They say that most babies arrive between 36-41 weeks, but I will most likely not be one of them. The sooner I realize that early babies happen to other people, and not me, the more content I will be.

I still refuse to buy more prenatals though.


Andrea said...

Ha! YOu're doing better than I did with Laura - I think I kept forgetting them at about oh... month 4 maybe!

Annie said...

well to be honest, i didn't START taking them until 28 weeks when my iron was a bit low....haha!