Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I wish someone would have told me about staying home...

1) Routine, routine, routine. Especially with a little one. Everyday is the same, yet somehow surprisingly different.
2) The 'no TV until 2' rule, probably won't work. It certainly won't work when you are having one of those days.
3) It is not a 'career change' staying at home is a 'LIFE change' I wish someone would have told me that and I could have been more prepared.
4) I didn't know that going to Target could be the absolute best part of my day.
5) Forget balanced meals. Breakfast is usually coffee and whatever Lacey didn't eat...
6) Babies are rather boring. Please don't get me wrong, babies are a miracle, but they can also be boring.
7) You may LIVE for a long hot shower.
8) If you sit down at the computer for 5 minutes, it can easily become an hour.
9) Long naps = happy mommy. Short naps = crabby mommy.
10) Days get long, dishes pile high, house is usually cluttered, and at the end of the day you are exhausted, but feel good because you made it through another day and are content and happy.

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