Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things to do before #2

Buy some disposable diapers for the new baby.

Buy a Swing.

Get a Moby Wrap.

Pack Hospital Bag

Pick up some formula

Install Carseat

Buy pacifiers (or at the very least try to find Lacey's old ones)

Steralize Bottles/Paci's etc.

Wash NB clothes

Find baby monitor

Get white noise machine

Get my legs waxed

Get hair highlighted.

I will update in bold as they get done.


Rose said...

Legs waxed? tell me more!

Annie said...

Its the "i'd rather pay the money, and handle the pain and be smooth for 6-8 weeks than deal with shaving every other day" haha! a bit painful, but I highly recommend it. You've given birth, it would be no problem!