Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Ready!

There comes a time when you are expecting a baby when you are finally ready to meet him or her. I don't mean the feeling of "I am so ready to be done with this" but rather, the feeling of peace, you are more relaxed and excited than nervous or scared. Everything is set, clothes are washed, diapers are bought, bottles/paci's are sterilized, and now you just get to wait.

I am so there.

Up until about 2 days ago I was in constant freak out mode. Two weekends ago we moved from one condo to another. That was major stress since I was doing a lot of the moving of random things while my husband was working. Then promptly after we got moved, Lacey came down with what I think was the flu. Sick for 6 straight days. She was up for 3-4 hours every single night for a week, and I was seriously questioning my ability to parent one, let alone TWO children. I was a mess, I really didn't think I'd be able to do it.

Finally her sickness passed, and while our lives are still currently in a state of limbo, I can finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am ready. I am excited. Yes, I am still nervous, what will my life be like? But I am taking it one day at a time and doing my best to enjoy these last couple of pregnant weeks.

And I know that the baby is arriving soon because I (gasped) shaved my legs today! Being that it I am 9 months pregnant and it is winter, I can't say this is the first thing on my mind, but I had the urge. I felt like it needed to get done...NOW. Maybe that is real nesting. Who knows, but now I am officially ready!


Andrea said...

Yay on feeling ready!!!

I can't really say Laura was excited to meet baby Neleh. She was cautious, but curious. Touched her hands and her feet. Wouldn't bend over to kiss her though.
I honestly think she was more excited about pushing the buttons on the bed to make it go up and down though! ha ha!

Oh, the other day I was surfing your blog and had Laura on my lap... she would not stop lunging for the screen to poke Lacey's pictures and say "bebe"! It was TOO CUTE!

iampregnant35 said...

Hey congrats for pregnancy .Wishing you a very good luck

nikired said...

I remember that feeling with Maya. It's the weirdest thing. Even if all the things are not done. It's like Zen takes over. LOL

Annie said...

yep...definitly a Zenlike feeling!