Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stranger Anxiety...FINALLY!!

Lacey is about the friendliest tot I have ever met. Maybe I am a bit partial, because she is my child and all, but she has never once been scared of anyone, refused to go to anyone, or had the slightest problem with me leaving her places.

Until today.

I must admit I was getting a little bit annoyed because she would smile at the creepiest men in stores and then of course they would come over and talk to her and I. I hated it and thought on more than one occasion what is wrong with her? Why can't she be more cautious around strangers.

But then today she SCREAMED when we were trying to get into the elevator with a weirdo man. I mean, she just did NOT want to get in there. So I picked her up and she buried her head in my shoulder and refused to look at the guy and whimpered until the elevator ride was over.

I was THRILLED...I know, not something you would typically be thrilled about, but at least I know she's got some discretion!.


Rose said...

That is so wierd... Colin just started that like a week ago! Even with people that we know. The burying the head thing is TOTALLY new for us.

Andrea said...

Wow. I'm surprised that her and Colin just started that... Laura has been doing that FOREVER! Like - since like 7-8 months old. She still doesn't like her grandma either! Won't go to her much... at least she doesn't scream with her though.