Friday, August 14, 2009

blog randoms

1) Today marks the FIFTH day of overlapping naps.

2) I get super annoyed when you are trying to sell something on craigslist and people keep emailing you with endless questions. Come and look at it! Save us all a bunch of time.

3) We watch Finding Nemo Sigh...

4) We are finally going to have a price opinion done on the house we are trying to buy. Let's remember that we put that offer in the middle of MAY. Unfortunately it could still take 3-4 months.

5) I have no idea where we will be living come November 1st.

6) My lower back has really been hurting the past couple of days. I don't think it could be my mattress, since its only 3 years old....but the fact that we don't have a couch and I sit against the wall when I watch TV might have something to do with that.

7) This is probably the longest week ever. Mike has to work all weekend too, which will make it even longer.

8) I would love to have a blackberry (the phone), but I am too cheap to pay the monthly service fee : (


Andrea said...

I hear ya on being too cheap - we pass up a lot of other people's "must haves" because we just can't justify spending the money on those things.

Yep, Laura's HR was always 160's... So far for this one I have 172 and 159... and you're right - not even a hint of a nub on the 13 week butt shot... I'm thinking girl.

Andrea said...

re: random comment #2 ... another annoying thing is when you post 4 things in one day - and 2 days later you still have NO interest in any of them... I posted a nice large glass container, an antique picnic basket, a pair of toddler shoes and a tv...nada.

(yes, I realize this is my second comment on the same blog post ha ha ha!)