Friday, August 28, 2009

To Do.

Do you ever just have a list of things you need to get done? Of course you do, who doesn't? It becomes annoying though, when the list keeps getting longer and nothing is getting checked off...

1) Mail some random bills.

Don't worry I am well aware of bill pay. I use it, but I have the occasional bill that still needs to be mailed. I've been trying to get these out the door all week. First the stamps were in the car, but not my car, Mike's car. I keep forgetting to retrieve them. No use writing the check if I can't mail it anyway right? Today I realized I left the checkbook in the car now too. And I can't easily run out there and grab it because I'd have to drag both kids with me, and that isn't happening. No checkbook, no stamps, no crossing off on the list.

2) Print of my syllabi for my classes.

I've looked at them online, because I had to order my books, but I haven't taken the time to actually print them off. Now I really need to do this, because my books have arrived, and I would like to get started. So I went online today to get them and I can't log in for whatever reason. I could log in before just fine. So I had to call the help desk, but it's Friday and I won't be surprised if no one gets back to me until next week. Can't cross that off the list either.

3) Speaking of textbooks.

I ordered them online, I had one book that was $200, but it was the main book I needed. I ordered it, then received an email 2 days later saying that it wasn't available anymore. So I ordered a second one. You can guess what happened, I got 2 books in the mail. That's $400 of books. I get to return one now. Which is super easy and convenient to drive to a UPS drop off location, with 2 babies and haul them inside for a 3 second transaction. Love that.

4) Laundry

I really need to do laundry but I don't have any quarters or cash. I can't cross that off my list now either.

Mike's off tomorrow and you won't believe how long my "to do" list is. We might just have to skip it all and go to the fair.


Kristen said...

where are you taking classes?

Andrea said...

I vote that on Mike's day off that you don't even attempt to tackle the to-do list. Just make sure the stuff you need is in the house (not the car) and have a fun family day :)

Annie said...

Kristen- I am at St. Kate's, studying Accounting.