Thursday, August 13, 2009

February 13th 2009

August 13th 2009

Miles is 6 months today! Hooray!

A wise friend once told me, "when you have 2 that young, just make it through the first 6 months. It will start to get easier after that." Although, I haven't felt that having 2 really little kiddos is the most difficult thing on this planet, I have clung to those words. I sure hope she was right!!

At 6 months Miles can...

Sit up somewhat, with help. I think his length is throwing him off a bit. It won't be long.

He has mastered rolling both ways, much to my delight because now we are all sleeping better.

He goes for the toys he wants and will get them almost always.

Can put himself to sleep, after we read a book.

Miles ditched the paci, much to my delight. I told him I was going to cut it off at 6 months but he got rid of it on his own.

He can slide out of his bouncy seat and get onto his stomach on the floor...

He adores eating from a spoon! So far he has had apples, sweet potatoes, and pears. We mostly just stick to rice cereal though and he loves it just the same.

Not sleeping through the night yet, but we are making progress. He is usually up once (thankfully no more than that!), but the times vary. Sometimes he sleeps 4 hours, eats, than another 8. Sometimes 8, up to eat, than another 4, sometimes it's 6 and 6. We just roll with it.

He really enjoys watching his big sister Lacey, she does not enjoy sharing her toys with him, which I am already seeing might be a big problem.

and finally, he can still keep up with even the best spitters. that reflux isn't going anywhere fast!


Rose said...

He is so cute! I'll be looking for help when my second comes along!

Annie said...

i can't wait to "meet" Henry!