Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday- Week in Review

1) We celebrated both Mike's birthday and our Anniversary this week. I believe he said something along the lines of "why on earth did we get married 4 days after my birthday? you know no one has any money this time of year!" (i did?) We went to Punch pizza for both of those events because it is so yummy, close to our house, Lacey will eat it, and Miles will sit in their high chairs and entertain himself.

2) I ordered my textbooks for this semester in school and was tickled to find that in both of my classes, new editions of the textbooks had come out. Perfect. Absolutely Perfect. I spent $300.

3) Miles' new carseat is supposed to arrive today!

4) Miles has slept for 12 hours at night the past 3 nights. Happy? Yes. A bit sad? Yes. My little boy is growing up.

5) Found out my cousin, due in January, is having a baby GIRL!

6) Our friends brought us a COUCH yesterday! Amen for good friends. What a great anniversary present.

7) My recent post on the house? We've decided to dive in to the house search again. Maybe we can find something else.

8) Went walking with a friend yesterday. She is preggo with #2. I think I was walking too fast, and had to keep reminding myself to slow down. Can't help it that I have a stroller which practically pushes itself.

9) It's been rainy all week. We've been a bit bored. Not a lot of places to go when the rain breaks either because the parks are all wet!

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