Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We drove by our hopeful future house yesterday. We needed inspiration. It's only been 3 months since we put the offer in, but with the idea of moving again, and then again into the house (hopefully, finally), we needed to try to remember why we are waiting....

...why we are waiting and why we aren't spending an extra $100,000 (yes, you heard that right) to get into another house. I told you it was an excellent deal. And even if we miss the $8,000 tax credit, we will still be coming out ahead. I think so anyway.

So we drove through the alley, which was something we hadn't done yet. Odd, how you can look at a house 4 times and then forget to drive through the alley. We had been back there, to look at the garage of course, but driving the entire block of the alley can give you a good or bad feeling about your potential future block. It was clean, and functional (something to be said about s. minneapolis alleys for sure). Whew.

Then we talked to our agent. He made it sound like there is no way we should still be working on this deal come Christmas...we should be long closed by then. One can only hope. Or maybe I shouldn't hope because do you know what moving in Minnesota in December would be like? I don't think you want to know. I'll tell you though. It would be cold. frigid. There would be snow on the ground.

I could totally post pics of the house but I am waiting because I have grand ideas about doing before and after photos. Not before and six month after photos. But I dream of refinished wood floors, freshly enameled built in bookshelves and dining room buffets. I dream of finished basement playrooms, and paver patios with fire pits and pergolas, and a Rainbow play system in my ceder fenced backyard. I dream of glass tile and viking ranges, because according to mike, we will most certainly have a viking range, and I am okay with that.

I dream of a washer and dryer that doesn't take quarters. And bringing groceries directly into the kitchen. Parking in a garage, and not trying to manage a toddler and an infant through a busy parking lot while carrying bags. You know that kind of stuff.

So cross your fingers and toes, and lets all hope that this moves quicker than expected. For everyones sake!



Rose said...

Oh Annie! I am grieving for you thinking of you without a garage, etc..... I am hopeful that you will get the house soon! Can you post a pic?

Andrea said...

I SO know what you're talking about not wanting to move in winter - in snow. We did it. Coldest day in Heck here in NY that day - that cold cold day on January 13, 2003. Here were Richie and I trying to move our queen sized bed into the house - through the back door and up the steps mind you in freezing cold and oh yeah, did I mention the 2 FEET of snow?!? Eek! Hope that's not the case for you!

Can we see a pic of the house? :)