Wednesday, August 26, 2009

school days.

The MN State Fair starts tomorrow and school is starting in 2 more weeks. Here in MN public schools don't hit the ground running until the day after Labor Day, St. Kate's took note, and I don't start until September 12th.

Have to make summer as long as possible up in these parts.

Anyone else Remember these:

I died to have one in the 5th grade. I think they were $28, but I was lucky enough to have a best friend with an older sister, who just happened to have 2 of these bags. She sold them to us for $7 each. Mine was purplish-blue. I was cool.

We also wore matching outfits the first day of 5th grade. We were cool so we did stuff like that. White shirts with the big ruffle/flowy neckline? Remember those? You know you had one too.

You were cool too.

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