Tuesday, October 13, 2009

8 Months!

Today marks 8 months for this little guy.

Miles is working on pulling up and crawling.
He gets on all 4's from his stomach and from a sit.
He can also get to a sitting position from his tummy.
His tummy is still his favorite place to be, he's a tummy sleeper.
He army crawls.
When he's too lazy to army crawl, he rolls to his destination.
We have to keep the floors clean.
He'll eat anything he can find.
But his favorite thing to eat is gerber puffs.
He gets all giddy when he sees the yellow container.
He gets giddy when he sees Lacey too.
It's the best when she makes him laugh his little face off.
Which is all. the. time.
I am SO happy they are close in age.
So happy.
So, so, happy.
No teeth. But I think I can see them coming!

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