Saturday, October 24, 2009

Activity Table

We are looking for an activity table. We want one that can duo as a coffee table since it will be in the living room. Also, since it will be in the living room it cannot be bright, plastic, colorful, etc.

not my style.

So, naturally I am drawn to 2 stores that I think might have something along those lines. Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod. We don't have a Land of Nod in Minneapolis (why the heck not??), so that leaves me to Pottery Barn.

I love me some Pottery Barn, and of course they have exactly what I want (well not exactly, since I want black, but you get the idea). Of course its also going to cost me $349.

So then I decide to look for alternatives. It's not that the $349 is an absolutely unimaginable price to pay, but I could find plenty of other things to buy for that much money.

On a whim I checked out

Lo and behold...


Thank you Amazon.

I am sure its not the same quality but: a) it's going to be destroyed by kids and b) I am going to paint it black anyway and who wants to spend $349 just to paint it. For $349 it should come in black.

I don't know if we'll get it, but so far it's the most promising option.

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Rose said...

good shopping mama!