Thursday, October 22, 2009

and I'm out!

I was paying bills this morning (and by paying bills I mean repeatedly having to sign back in to Wells Fargo dot com, so as to try to get something finished before getting interrupted again). Efficient? no.


I'm viewing bill pay and check my Verizon bill. It normally is around $100 a month. What did I see? $274+

I had a heart attack. Then I thought, maybe I forgot to pay it last month, because sometimes I think I pay these things in my mind, but I get interrupted and logged out before I follow through on that actual thought.... So then I looked at the statement. $171+ in "data" fees. "Billable Megabytes" to be exact. I called up mike, since he was the one who used these megabytes and neither of us have a clue as to what they are.

He gives them a call. So here is what happened. Mike borrowed a phone from a friend for a couple of weeks last month to see if he wanted to buy it from him. That phone was a data phone, but Mike didn't have a data plan. So, he is using the phone and one day needed to review some resume's for work and was using the phone to do this. He was on the phone for maybe an hour total---split up over a few different time periods. Here is the real kicker though, both his previous phone and my current phone can connect to the internet, but they give you a warning saying that this will cost you. This new phone didn't give any warning, Mike isn't really the first person who would know that they will charge you for things like this, and I don't blame him since, he normally gets a message telling him what fees will be incurred.

$171 for an hour. Or $14.99 a month unlimited. Take your pick.

Verizon won't wave the fees, and they certainly can't go back and just charge us $14.99 for that one month. This was the most recent in a string of issues we've had with them this year. They have caused us so many headaches.

Mike says we are out. He is going to talk to the Manager at the mall, because they are friends, to see if he can wave our fees (and will probably give him free jamba juice whenever he works...) .

Then we are marching over to AT&T and porting our numbers. To iPhones.

well, I for one couldn't be happier.


Rose said...

one great thing about at&t is that if you go over, you can change your plan for just that month before the end of your billing cycle- whoop whoop!

Annie said...

and they have ROLL OVER MINUTES. so my guess is you usually have a buffer of minutes if you do go over. plus they just added the a-list...