Monday, October 26, 2009

busy, so busy.

This week:

I work 6 hours today, Mike works 10. We'll be packing any chance we get.

Tuesday: I work 5 hours, Mike works 10. He is training new employees, and has a one on one with his DM for 3 hours which perfectly overlaps when I am supposed to be working. Still haven't figured that one out. Packing any chance we get.

Wednesday: Thankfully, I don't work. Mike works 10 hours, plus it's Wednesday which is his paperwork day, so he will be busy. I will be packing the kids for their 10 day stay with my parents (yes, TEN DAYS).

Thursday: Double doctor appointments in the a.m. I have to take them alone. Rush home, feed lunch, meet mom and dad, exchange kids, study all.freaking.afternoon. Work 4 hours in the evening. Start moving. Mike is working until 9:30 pm.

Friday: I am off, Mike is off. Move everything, clean apartment, check out of apartment.

Saturday: I have class from 8-5, Mike is working 8-4. Going to church at 6 pm. Meet up with friends afterwards.

Sunday: I work 8-1.

Clean AC units
Clean Bathroom
Clean oven
Clean Microwave
Scrub floors
Clean carpets
Vacuum carpets
Dust trim and furnace vents
Change lightbulbs
Clean cabinets inside and out
Rent U-haul to move everything.
Drop off at Goodwill
Clean mirrors and windows
Clean fridge
Clean sinks
Clean inside of dishwasher
....on and on...

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