Friday, October 16, 2009

Numbers on the brain.


PVIF = 1-1/(1+n)i/i so,


Because PVa=R(PFIF)

and this is the type of thing that keeps me up at night, over and over again I will talk these formulas out to myself (I have plenty more).

That and remembering the correct way to journalize receivables with recourse, vs. without recourse, and secured borrowing. Remembering to discount the notes receivable, and then charge back to interest revenue during the appropriate year. Oh, and the difference between % of sales and % of receivables when computing bad debt expense...but that's an easy one.

Of course I am in 2 classes, (although I tend to sometimes forget this because the former class is that much more work).

But I also dream about supply/demand curves, elasticity, governmental price ceilings, price floors, tax burdens-consumer vs. producer, and surplus and shortages.

But I'm setting curves in both classes, and I couldn't be happier about the material I am studying.

I hit the sweet spot. I found out what I love and I am going with it. Are you pursuing your dream?

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