Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Run, Run, Run.

I used to run. I used label myself a "runner."

Then I had 2 kids in less than 2 years and was constantly sick and pregnant and, well, I don't call myself a runner anymore.

In fact, the last time I was in shape was the winter of 2006-2007, right before I found out I was pregnant with Lacey. Lacey was born in October and just as winter melted away and I started thinking about running again we moved to Washington. I did start running 3-4 times a week there, but that lasted 3-4 weeks, before I found myself pregnant again.

Vicious cycle I tell you.

So why didn't I run last summer?

Uh, good question. I think I did for about 3 weeks. But I was TIRED. We were constantly moving, and I was out of shape, so it wasn't the most enjoyable relaxing thing to go for a run.

Let's be honest, I lost the baby weight in a hot minute and didn't have any REAL motivation for it.

But this year I am more motivated. Rather than having 2 kids with constant needs, I have 2 kids with constant needs who can play together for more than 3 seconds. So, in other words, it's time to start doing something for me again. I am going to try to actually, run this summer. Because I know that as much of a pain it is for me to get started, I really enjoy running when I am actually in shape.

Mike got me new shoes for Valentines Day. The last time I got new running shoes was in October of 2006. These were long overdue. My goal is to run 2 days in February, 4 days in March, 8 days in April, and 16 days in May. After May I am hoping that I am in good enough shape to actually want to run. Once you're in shape it becomes some sort of an obsession, like you just have to do it.

Two days in February? I know, I am such an overachiever. Seriously, don't laugh unless you've gone out and run with 30" of snow standing on the ground and icy sidewalks. I think I am going to make a mental note of all the people who don't shovel their sidewalks and report them to the city so they get fined.

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