Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Boots

You'd think everyone living in the frozen tundra has invested in a good pair of boots? Ha! Think again. Maybe it's denial that feet of snow bury us or maybe its just because we are busy spending hundreds of dollars on various winter coats, scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, etc. But I NEEDED A GOOD PAIR OF WINTER BOOTS.

I went back and forth with whether I wanted to "invest" in Uggs or not. I don't particularly care for the looks of the traditional style (although they are SO COMFORTABLE), plus I am worried I'll buy them this year and by next year no one will be wearing them. So then I thought that maybe I'd invest in the Cardy boots.


Then I found some knock-off's made by Bearpaw that looked the exact same, except the price was less than half. So I cruised over to MOA (Mall of America) cause they have everything, and I tried them on.

Big disappointment. They wouldn't stay up on my dang calf. Because they are made of knit and aren't stiff at all you need to have some sort of substance in your calf to keep them up. If you know me and you have seen me in shorts, you know that my legs are the smallest ever, so this wasn't going to work.

I've been wanting these since Christmas so this was a bit sad.

Then I decided that I should get some real winter boots, not some foo-foo winter boots. Because I know what would happen. I'd end up needing both. So I started looking for some real boots and came across these from REI...

$130 YIKES. Mike was telling me to wait until they went on sale, or to find them somewhere else online for less. I found them at Zappos for $100 which I thought was a good deal, but they didn't have my size. As I started looking I realized that NO ONE had my size. Except Nordstroms.

So yesterday I went on REI's website to make sure these are the boots, and 'lo and behold they are marked down to $74.93. Of course REI doesn't have my size, but Nordstrom's does, and they have a price matching policy. So I call them this morning, order them, they matched my price and they'll be here in a few days.

Wham, Bam, Thank-you Ma'am.

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