Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Camping

Mike left this afternoon for a 5 day trek in the snow. Winter Camping. When most people decide to go on a vacation in February they decide to go someplace warm. Sunny California, Mexico, or a nice warm cruise.

Not in this house. My husband decided that he and his brother should actually go further north, and sleep in snowdrifts, and walk across frozen lakes that they have to chip into with a spike to get some water to drink.

Dream vacation, no?

So, if you are jealous of wearing the same clothes for 5 days (it's too cold to change), and doing everything outside, then winter camping may be for you. But, I sit on my couch some nights watching TV, huddled under heaps of blankets. I am not cut out for winter camping. Thankfully, my husband knew that when he married me there would be no dual winter camping trips.

We had a son for that.

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