Thursday, February 18, 2010

Run 1 done.

I'm not totally sore today which is rather amazing. But, I think I ran 1.8 miles so I didn't overachieve or anything.

It was 33 out yesterday and sunny. This was probably the nicest day we've had since October. Good day for a run, no?

Actually, no.

The temperature was great, my lungs weren't burning (from the cold), but lordy, lordy I was puddle jumping the entire 1.8 miles. Nothing like snow covering the drains, and snow melting into ginormous puddles on each corner. Plus I live on a hill so I had to run uphill the last block and a half. It hurt, and I normally like hills. This is how I know I am pathetically out of shape.

I guess the temperature is supposed to cool down significantly, so I will probably have to get in my other February run sooner rather than later. Goody.

(On a side note, I decided that I really love to run with my iphone because 1) I listen to Pandora as opposed to a playlist, and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, running to a "radio" because you never know what is coming up next. In a playlist you know exactly where you are in your run and I hate that. 2) Once I twisted my ankle on a run when I was about 2 miles away from home. I ended up being fine and was able to keep running after taking a little walking break, but I thought that I should really carry a phone just in case something happens. Well, now I get to carry a phone along with me and it's not even a separate contraption. Love that as well.)

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