Wednesday, October 29, 2008

12 month stats

ok, well, really almost 13 month stats.

Lacey had her 12 month appointment today. She did well, but it was the first time she was leary of the doctor, which was very interesting.

She is 30 inches long.

Weight is 21 lbs 11 oz.

She got the flu shot and that was it for vaccines. I was on the fence about even giving her that one because she stays at home with me, and if she were to get the flu its not the end of the world. But with me being pregnant and then having a newborn in the middle of flu season I felt okay getting it.


Andrea said...

Laura and her are SO close in size/weight! Yesterday at her flu shot/rule out ear infection appointment she was 21#12oz! (and just a day over 13 mos old!)

Rose C said...

THat is so funny! Colin was 21 pounds 13 oz and 30 in long about 2 weeks ago. Go tots!

Annie said...

They are all mirror images of each other! haha!

Annie said...
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