Sunday, October 12, 2008

and she is ONE!!

We had a great day. Went to the zoo and then later had a little birthday party. I'll post more details later, but thought I would share some pics of the day.

First of all, the zoo. It was FREEZING. The sun was out but there were so many trees that the sun couldn't get through them to heat me up. (All this after returning my drink to Starbucks TWICE because I wanted it extra i could walk around with it...I am not sure how hard it is to understand "heat it to 180").

Then we had a little party, Lacey didn't really eat cake, but liked making a mess of it! She liked the cake part, but not the lemon filling and she didn't like the frosting. She got a few gifts that she was thrilled about and loves, loves, loves her PBK Anywhere Chair.

Oh and she took about 5 steps by herself yesterday!! I can't say that I have a walker, but I do have an Almost-Walker : )


Rose C said...

You have inspired me to blog about Colin's birthday....

I have to say, You look FAB girl, and Lacey looks just like you! We went to the aquarium for Colin's B Day, we had the same idea.... South Florida style!

seanna said...

i cannot even HANDLE how stinking cute she is. seriously.

you do look good! and i love that picture of lacey on mike's shoulders - she looks like it's the most natural thing in the world for her :)

Andrea said...

Oh! I love the idea of the zoo (or aquarium) for a birthday celebration! I'd LOVE to scale back on the party next year, but with everyone being local - really not sure how to pull that off!