Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday

I'm trying it out. I hope I can keep it going, although I often forget Mondays!

First, I certainly do not snooze my alarm twice every single day, even if I know that L is awake. I most certainly do not stumble in her room take her out of the crib, feed her the same breakfast and leave her in her pajamas until after her next nap. No, i would never do that.

I did not have a baby turn one last week, and time is not going fast at all.

L did not take steps on her own, she is much to unstable on her feet for that!

L also did not pee in the potty for 3 days straight. I would never try to potty train a 12 month old.

I do not get heartburn after everything I eat, this baby who does not make me get up 3 times a night to pee and this baby who does not kick me every day would never give me heartburn.

My husband and I did not order one sandwich from Jimmy Johns and make the poor driver deliver that one sandwich to our house.

I did not make mini blueberry muffins and eat almost all of them, in one day.

I did not leave a $1.25 tip at TGIFridays for our appetizers. I did not want to keep my $5 bill for Dairy Queen later.

I am not obsessed with The Hills and I have no plans of staying up until 10:00 to watch it. Never. Why would I care what LC is doing?

Finally, I did not buy a pair of pants at Gap Kids for myself when I am 22 weeks pregnant. Are you kidding!


Rose C said...

you have GOT to be kidding me! GAP KIDS? Ugh!

Annie said...

girl, even after having a baby i have got no hips. trust me, not as great as it sounds!