Saturday, October 4, 2008

prayin' for daylight

These are the images from outside my bedroom window (Lacey's too). Notice the Taco truck in the last picture. Yeah it comes by everyday at 11:00 and all the guys run for it....

Anyway, its really annoying. Not only am I constantly dealing with dusty dirty windows and a dirty patio, but we are constantly dealing with the noise. That noise was brought to a whole new level last night...

Mike was closing the store so I was home alone. Around 6:30 I saw the construction workers putting up huge flood lights. The was a little weird to me because they normally leave at 3:00 everyday (Thank the Lord!). Anyway, so they are putting them up and then are working on something. It gets dark pretty early now, plus it was cloudy so I figured they are probably needing to work until 8:00 or 9:00.

I put Lacey to bed at 8:00. At 8:30 they started drilling with a JACKHAMMER. It was loud, but I went in and started Lacey's CD again and they were done about 10 minutes later. I did however call the non-emergency police number to see if someone could go get them to stop. The police called me back and said there was nothing they could do because they had obtained a permit from the city to work past 7 p.m. Great. I figured they would be working all until 11 p.m. or so.


Well at 1:00 a.m. mike had had enough and called the police back because ummm...its 1:00 IN THE MORNING. Cop says they had someone go check it out and they can't do anything about it. grrr. Then at 1;30 they start using the Jackhammer BELOW LACEY'S WINDOW. I kid you not, our house was vibrating. I was pissed. I hadn't slept yet and now my child woke up screaming. I called the cop a THIRD time, you know the "i've had it, i have a baby and i am pregnant and no one in our vibrating condo is sleeping" call? "i;m sorry ma'am, there is nothing I can do. Good Luck." I wanted to kill.

They jackhammered for 2 solid hours. From 1:30-3:30 our house was rumbling. We brought Lacey in bed with us, and turned itunes on repeat. She did not sleep, but she just laid there and wanted to sleep. She actually did well. Then when they stopped running the jackhammer they started vacuuming/sucking up something with a VERY LARGE, VERY LOUD vacuum. Obviously right below our window.

Time they stopped with the loudness?

5:00 a.m.

Someone is getting a call on monday...that is absolutely unacceptable to me!

Oh, i should add. When Mike was headed to work at 6:00 this morning (after his glorious hour of sleep), he went out the door right where they were working. Here is their conversation:

Worker: did you get much sleep last night?
Mike: no, that window right there is actually my bedroom.
W: oh, man, sorry that sucks.
M: yeah, well we have a baby who didn't sleep last night. That is what was the worst.
W: Oh, yeah.... (you so dont get this until you have stayed up all night with a child!)
W: One lady came out and yelled at us from her patio
M: yeah that was my wife...

I swear I am not crazy.


seanna said...

ugh, that is TERRIBLE. i can just imagine you up there yelling off the balcony ;)

Rose C said...

Happy Birthday Lacey! I hope that you are getting more sleep! Good for you for yelling at them from your balcony.