Thursday, October 30, 2008

I miss the midwest.

It's been a little rough lately, I miss the familiarity of Minneapolis. I talk to friends on the phone, email, facebook, whatever, and it makes me miss it all the more.

I miss Caribou Coffee's seasonal drinks.

I miss the Galleria/Southdale Mall/Running around Calhoun and Harriet/Going to Whole Foods for "lunch"

I miss Super Target (oh, I really miss super target).

I am already missing the Hollidazzle Parade.

I miss being able to call up a friend and go to their house.

I miss being able to drive a few hours to my parents house.

I miss shows being on Central time rather than Eastern/Pacific time. (everything is on an hour later here...grrr.)

I miss seeing my husband more than a few hours a week.

Mike assures me that by the time Lacey starts school we will be living in the midwest. Actually, we both think it will be sooner than that. It's not that we hate it here, it's totally fine and we are making friends etc, but the culture is just so different. The schools are some of the worst in the nation, and it is beyond expensive to raise a family (I mean a box of cereal is $6.99). I think that while things have been good, we always looked at this move as a "temporary" separation. It was not necessary to move, rather it was more an adventure. We wanted to step out of that comfort zone a little bit and see what we were made of. While we are out here we are gaining experience and learning a lot about ourselves. But, we both know that while this is the place to be right now, it probably isn't the place we are going to be forever. That actually makes me enjoy my time out here more!


Rose C said...

$6.99! And I thought Florida was bad! Hang in there girl!

Mrs. B. said...

I'm not sure if you'll ever stop missing Mpls. It's the best. We still miss it tons too...