Friday, October 17, 2008

and I thought pregnancy was long.

I have a friend who is pregnant with her second. She had her first a few weeks before Lacey was born and now she is having her second a few weeks after our second arrives. Too bad she lives in MN.

Anyway, she went in for her anatomy u/s yesterday. Her due date is somewhere around March 20th, which would put her at about 18 weeks. Well, THEY MOVED HER DUE DATE TO APRIL 17TH.

I would have died. Couldn't do the anatomy scan since the baby was only 14 weeks (apparently).

The oddest thing is that she felt little movements around 12 weeks (or 8 weeks according to the u/s). Well you can't feel movement at 8 weeks, I think the baby is only the size of a lima bean then, and trust me, a lima bean ain't kicking you.

Poor thing. She is baffled. Says it is impossible because she knows when she got pregnant.

i've never heard of anything like that.


Rose C said...

That is nuts! I think I would have had a FIT!

Andrea said...

That (kinda) happened to my friend. She had no idea when she was due because the baby was an oops...but she figured best she could tell was late March/early April. She had a due date of late April - the baby came late March and they were all worried about him being preemie, but he was perfect. No preemie symptoms at all - no extra fuzz, not low weight, no problems at all. She was right and the US was wrong - so maybe the baby will still be here when the MOM knows it will.