Wednesday, March 24, 2010

things that are annoying me today.

(thanks in advance for letting me vent).

...the fact that our health insurance requires that we carry vision and dental for Lacey and Miles, despite the fact that they have never been to the dentist or the eye doctor.

...the fact that it is sunny outside, but chilly. I want sunny and warm.

...the fact that I have a pile of laundry that is folded and sitting on the bench in the living room and for some reason can't find the motivation to put it away. It's been there since Monday...

...the fact that both kids have colds again.

...the fact that Lacey won't eat anything lately.

...the fact that I am in love with almost everything in the pottery barn kids catalog, but won't be buying any of it.

...the fact that I am utterly exhausted and have been trying really hard to get to bed at a decent time this week. If 8 hours isn't enough sleep than what is?

...the fact that I cannot seem to understand reconciling cash to net income in the statement of cash flows and my test is only a couple of days away.

...the fact that I don't seem to really care to understand reconciling cash to net income...

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