Wednesday, March 31, 2010

see ya March!

...did you know that this is the FIRST March in Minneapolis recorded history that there hasn't been any snow? We came in like a lamb, and out like an extra soft lamb. (Read: 75 degrees outside today...).

...I accomplished my running goal for March, which was all of 4 days. But in reality, once a week was about all I could muster with my crazy classes. I finished my last run yesterday and am running about 3 miles per run. I listen to pandora when I run. It keeps me happy. April's goal? 8 days!

...I finished my classes on March 27th! I remember when I started them in January, thinking how long it seemed until March (and how I wasn't sure I would survive), but then guess what? I made it! And now I am in a break for a few weeks and guess what, it's naptime and the kids are sleeping and I can do anything I want. I might just take a nap along with them today. Talk about freedom.

...March marked another month down of Financial Peace University. We are starting to live like no one else now, so later we can really live like no one else. Telling our money where to go feels great! In fact, I was able to pay 6 months of car insurance in full yesterday! This hasn't happened in forever! We feel like this is a huge accomplishment.

...Today on the last day of March, Miles said "Lacey" for the first time. It sounds a bit like "kee-cee" but it's still cute. He seems to average at least one new word a day (yesterday's word was "apple" and "pineapple"--i counted it as one), which seems like a lot to me. What he is lacking in the walking department he is making up in the talking department. I can't help it if he is a boy genius. I mean, he'll probably be a runner too, but for now he's focusing on the genius part! (FTR he is walking...sort of. If I place him in the middle of the room, he tends to walk as fast as he can to something he can hold on to).

That was our March! Bring on April!

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