Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Financial Peace University

We've started FPU and all I can say is,
Seriously, this class is worth every penny. We've only been to 2 weeks and we can see how it is affecting our thoughts and views, and spending habits, with money.

1) Find the class in your area.
2) Take the class.
3) Be amazed.


Rose said...

Hey, we are doing it too! I think we are on week 7 and I LOVE IT. It has taught us way more than the crappy financial advisor, whom we fired. Ahem.

Stephanie said...

We are graduates and LOVED it! It's the reason we're completely fine with just one income right now. (though, believe me, Michael is looking for a job asap!) Our goal is loan payoff in 1.5 years so I can pop out more babies and still go 1/2 time at work. Hope you love the rest as well!

Andrea said...

woot woot!!! good stuff! it only gets better with each week. wish i could get more of my 3d friends to take it!