Friday, March 5, 2010


I seriously do not want to study.

I need to write a paper. I need to study for 3 tests. I need to complete one homework assignment.

I want to do none of those things.

Pray for me!

(And as my good friend, a fellow baby bunching mom, who survived putting her husband through law school and is now beginning a Master's of Nursing program says: "Let's be honest, it totally sucks, but hopefully in 5 years it will all be worth it, and I won't have regrets.")

Okay, Off to study : (


Stephanie said...

It's totally worth it if you love your job afterward (which it sounds like you will)! I LOVE my job. Makes writing a thesis while balancing my laptop on the side of the Boppy that Olivia wasn't nursing on seem worth it now. :)

Annie said...

thanks steph! I was actually thinking about you yesterday as I was writing this!