Monday, March 15, 2010

Running in Minnesota in the Spring

1) We were blessed with rain (read: not snow) last week, and sunny warm (read: mid to upper 50's) temperatures this week. What does this mean? 99% of our snow is GONE, GONE, GONE.

2) What else does this mean? Well, this means that any Minnesotan who has ever had any interest in running, or is actually a runner, get's out to run around the lakes. We bare our ghostly white selves. It's actually quite scary (and bright).

3) Only in Minnesota can you have lakes that are still frozen over with ice, but people running in shorts and tee shirts. In fact, you will see people in shorts and tee shirts and flip flops all over the darn city with weather like this. It's quite funny, but we all love our first days of spring.

4) If a girl runner is wearing little shorts and a little tee shirt now, what on earth will she not be wearing come July when it's 90 outside? (FTR, I had pants and I long sleeve shirt on today).

5) Running with a stroller is hard work. Really hard work if a hill is involved.

6) Let's do the math...
Stroller: 25 pounds
Lacey: 29 pounds
Miles: 25 pounds
Stuff in the stroller basket: 2 pounds

Grand Total: 81 pounds
My Weight: 95 pounds

I am pushing 85% of my body weight! Those kids better not gain any more weight!

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