Monday, July 12, 2010

because debt is dumb and cash is king.

We seem to have been swamped lately with busyness. I suppose that is the way summer tends to roll. Our FPU class ended the middle of June, which was pretty sad considering we 1) loved the free daycare for 2 hours on Tuesday nights; and 2) miss hanging out with new friends. But although the class is over, it doesn't mean that our trying to get out of debt situation is over. Far from it.

As we speak, Mike is showing the car to a potential buyer. Heartbreaking? Yes. We love our Murano. Such a solid car. We don't owe anything on it. So, why sell it? Sell Murano, pay off Mike's student loans. Easy as that. That means that we can buy a get out of debt car and start throwing money at my student loans before I even finish school.

And when we pay off my loans, we are debt free.

Our next debt free tactic, and this is pretty exciting, but also really scary, is free rent. But more on that in another blog...

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