Friday, July 30, 2010

Snowballs Keep Getting BIGGER.

We sold our car.

Weird. It seriously feels so weird writing that. In fact, it hasn't entirely set in yet. Hopefully we are able to purchase a new car before it really starts to sink it because a commuting family of 4 cannot go without a second vehicle!

The most fulfilling thing was walking to the bank and giving them over $6000 in cash to apply to Mike's student loans. The rest we'll save to buy another car. I am sure giving an owner or a dealership multiple thousands in cash will be pretty fun too. This month we were able to put over $10,000 towards Mike's student loans. Now if every month were that easy, we'd be out of debt in no time!

You know what? Ever since we began FPU and we started telling our money where to go, we've actually had a lot more of it. I know, I know, if you don't spend all your money you'll have a lot more. But really, I was telling Mike a couple of days ago that there is just something so peaceful about looking at your bank accounts and seeing plenty of money in there. (The best moment is when I was telling Mike what our balance was and he said "well, rent still has to come out of that" and I said "No! I paid rent 3 days ago!") There is something so peaceful about knowing you are being responsible with what you've been given. There is something amazing about being able to treat your friends to dinner, or to buy them a nice wedding gift, not because you are obliged, but because you have the money, and in having the money you give freely and openly.

God has truly blessed us and we will continue to be faithful to what he asks of us. It's been a crazy lifestyle change. Really crazy. But we're enjoying the ride.

I am digging it.

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Andrea said...

I hear your excitement girl! We're throwing everything we got now towards a new(er) truck. Richie is eyeballing a 2007 Toyota Tacoma QuadCab... and I want to be able to walk on the lot and pay CASH! We're SO close (only a few K away) but he's got the itch for getting it now so bad that he wants to take like a $4K loan out... I'm screaming NO!!! We'll see... if I can keep putting him off a month at a time, maybe we'll get there! Oh, and I totally agree - we "found" so much money every month when we started telling it where to go!