Thursday, July 22, 2010

a day in JULY

Mike is working a 15 hour day today, so what better day than record what we do!
First, well, we wake up! The kids had been sleeping in until 8, however since we've been back from Fargo, Lacey decided 7:00 is a better time. She was up then, Miles we got up at 8:00.

Breakfast is first. Today's breakfast is cereal. My kids hate cereal, so I get them to eat it by mixing cinnamon toast crunch in with some healthier stuff. I am a bit too lazy to do anything else.

Obviously coffee should be first, but sometimes it get's pushed until breakfast is on the table.
I love coffee soooo much.

The kids usually watch Super Why from 9-9:30, but today we are a little ahead of schedule so I clean up the kitchen first. I hate doing this because the dishwasher always needs to be unloaded. Bleck.

And then Miles' room...

and Lacey's room. They just trail after me from room to room. There really isn't much to do. I pretty much straighten out the blankets.

Now I turn on Super Why for them and try to get them dressed at the same time.
He loves to run away from me.

After Super Why we hop in the stroller and walk to the Bunny. It's this big bunny statue that the kids play on. Unfotunately today the bunny is hot thanks to the sun so we play around it. Miles sits with me on the bench and Lacey carries around big sticks. Eventually we find a sewer cover with holes in it and the kids have a great time putting grass down the holes. I get some strange looks from people, but it's entertaining to them so I am not to worried about those looks. Then we continue on our way and go for a little walk. It's hot out!! (I have pictures of this but it isn't letting me upload them. I'll try again later).

We get home and it's time for lunch.

PBJ, cottage cheese, peas, applesauce. They both eat everything : )

Lunch always, ALWAYS, riles them up. Miles has a thing for headbands.

And Lacey usually gets put in at least one time out.

The kids nap from 1-3. Miles a bit longer, Lacey a bit less. They wake up and we have a quick 4:00 dinner because we are going to go to the Mall to see Daddy at work. They won't see him until Saturday, so we need to make this trip.

I started trying to get out the door at 5:00.

and I make them carry their own stuff. We are finally on the way...

...27 minutes later. Sigh.

We're off! We get to the mall at 6:04. Traffic. Inside we all get smoothies...Coldbuster with frozen yogurt...YUM. Then we played at the indoor playground and I got them Mike and Ikes out of a candy machine. We only got FOUR pieces.

This is Lacey's favorite part of the mall. I kid you not. It is soo easy to get her to go to the bathroom when she get's to use her own "baby potty" SHE LOVES IT. (and miles loves flushing them).

We didn't get home until 7:40, thanks again to traffic. PJ's, Milk, and books. We read about 5 books and then put Miles to bed and Lacey drew this picture. It is a face if you can't tell. Then I put her to bed and she hates falling asleep. So one hour, and 3 trips to the bathroom later she was finally asleep.


Mrs. B. said...

So so cute! The kids are terribly beautiful (does that make sense?) and so sweet.
I love the new look of your blog. I've been reading in my blog reader so I haven't seen your layout lately.
Yay! I'll have my Day in July up next week and then I'll attempt to add one of those cool Mr. Linky thingies and we'll have a blog hop.
Thanks for particpating!
(Wanna do August?)

Rose said...

I freaking love this post, it's HYSTERICAL! I'm doing the same thing. IN a few days.

Although I love that you have nothing to do, HA! Whatev!

Rae Nolt said...

New follower from A DAY IN JULY blog hop! Love your post and your kids are beautiful!

Jamie Willow said...

27 minutes later made me laugh :) nothing happens fast when there are kids

cute pics! what a fun day! your kids are beautiful...