Sunday, November 14, 2010

daycare visit recap.

Oh the things you'll find while visiting daycares. Yep, you'll have to turn your eyes away from somethings because I am finding out quickly that there is a huge difference between "I feel confident this person will do a fine job of caring for my child" and "this person does things exactly like I do" The latter doesn't exist.

Yep, that's what I've found out so far. You will not find someone who does things the exact way you do, and I need to just be okay with that. Which coming from a scheduling control freak such as myself. That is hard.

The first daycare we went to was kind of messy. Lots of crumbs on the floor and counters that needed to be wiped down. Not a life or death thing, but still irritating. I mean this is your job, so sweep the floor after breakfast. The kicker with that first visit was the fact that her husband had 2 kegs on the kitchen counter where he was brewing his own beer. Yeah, I think we'll pass. I mean, use your basement or something. Actually I want them in a place where they don't even keep alcohol in the house because seriously if 8 toddlers/preschoolers won't drive you to drink, I don't know what will.

The second place was so much different. She was on 2 acres, about a mile from Mikes work, and had a big play set outside. The kids LOVED her, you could tell. And one of the mothers came by to drop off some toys and she was super cool, and had been with the gal for 4 years and 2 kids. At this place the kids played outside a ton (which I loved) but I didn't see a bunch of toys inside, which I didn't love. Not that rooms full of toys are necessary, but I was just curious as to what they do when it is really too cold to be outside (or rainy etc.). She however did seem like she genuinely loved what she did, and she had a masters degree in elementary education. And she NEVER has openings, but she has a family who is moving in January, so she could take ours. We set up a second visit for this Tuesday so we can see the house more and talk without kids there.

The third place was also fine. But she still had 3 kids living at home and 'sometimes leaves the kids with the college aged daughter when she has to go to appointments' Not a fan of that. Also she was super structured and very serious. Nice though. Her thing was that she was only open Monday-Thursday, and while we only need 4 days a week, we need Tuesday - Friday.

So, as long as #2 still feels right on Tuesday, we'll probably go with her. She's expensive at $220 per child per week, but also said that since we'll have 2 in daycare, there is no way she'll charge us that much. I am curious to see what she comes back with . We'd really like to stay around or under $1200 a month (which is proving to be nearly impossible....seeing as though location #1 was right around that)!

Stay tuned.

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