Friday, November 19, 2010

Frivilous kitchen gadget I want!!

The Breville electric milk frother- $129.95

"Employing innovative induction heating technology, this frother quickly and precisely heats up to 25 oz of milk to your ideal temperature and froths it into perfect micro-bubbles with a uniformly silken texture. If you like it extra hot or on the cooler side, dial up your preference using the temperature control. Put it to work making rich, creamy hot chocolate, creating airy foam for cappuccinos and steaming milk for lattes. Two removable frothing discs, one for lattes, the other for cappuccinos, allow you to create anything from silky steamed milk to light bubbly foam."*

*Williams & Sonoma catalog


Andrea said...

Ooooooh, now I want this!! :)

I've only ever had it a couple times with the resolution. IN that case I just change my layout to a smaller one and work around it, if I really wanna use that photo. Otherwise I just use different photo. Where are you getting your professional photos from? Make sure they give you hi res photos when they give them to you on a CD or send you images via email, if you copy a hi res image it doesn't matter you need to have the original especially if you're going to reproduce it into cards, re prints or anything.

You're getting the issue because you're trying to stretch and make an image fit that doesn't have the resolution to be clear once it prints.

Hopefully this helps! :)

Andrea said...

I just wonder why anyone would want to drink warm frothy milk... sounds kinda gross to me. :P

Annie said...

Andrea- for Latte's and Hot Chocolate! Not on it's own :)