Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3:23 a.m.

that is the time that lacey woke up crying last night. instantly i was filled with dread, because i was thinking, i probably won't go back to sleep tonight...

For the past 3 nights, i have given her motrin during her bath to help with her sore gums. In my efforts to not over-medicate her, I skipped it last night.

Lesson #1- Medicate

So I gave her motrin and then didn't pick her up, i just rubbed her back for a few minutes. She had calmed down, so I left. She fussed for 10 minutes and fell asleep.

Lesson #2...don't pick her up. It wakes her up more.

Lesson will still not be able to go back to sleep, and you may throw up multiple times in the process.

Regardless, I was happy with my baby and she didn't wake up until 8:15 this morning!

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Rose C said...

Awwww, Annie. Mean babies! (just kidding) Hope tomorrow is a better day!